Site info

This site helps to understand how different algorithms works depending on different data sets and options provided. Supported algorithm are K-Means, Dbscan, Hierarchical, Decision Tree and Apriori.

You can see at the top a menu which helps you to choose the algorithm you want to have your data set resolved. Once you made you decision you'll see another page containing some training data sets you can use to resolve the exercise. In the bottom of the site you'll find a direct link to the algorithm's Wiki.

Here what you can do

  1. Choose from the menu the algorithm you want to execute

  2. Configure algorithm's options

  3. Decide if you want to execute it step by step or not

  4. You can upload your data sets. They will be split by type, only the ones matching the algorithm that you choose will be shown to you

    Here are the types of data sets you can use:

    1. Numeric, used by K-Means, DBscan

    2. Text, used by Decision Tree, Hierarchical

    3. Text2, used by Apriori

    In order to upload multiple data sets per file a data set's ID is required. If you want to see an example of expected CSV you can download the Training data sets already provided

  5. Edit your data sets and download them if you want (only numeric data sets)

  6. If you have any questions you can click on the link at the bottom of the algorithm's page